Unseen Ellis Island

Another intriguing video from the New York Landmark Conservancy’s “Tourist In Your Own Town” series.

This episode investigates the South Side of Ellis Island. Home to the largest hospital complex of the day, thousands of immigrants were treated here before beginning their life in America.

Unfortunately, The South Side is not open to public. Together with Landmarks Conservancy, Save Ellis Island and The National Park Service are working to raise awareness for the South Side and preserve its building.

FUN FACT: 40% of Americans can trace their ancestry back to Ellis Island


Coming Soon!

Don’t you worry. I’m out right now exploring some of New York’s best known and less known exhibits. Check back soon for some intriguing and oh so insightful commentary.

In the meantime, check out The New York Landmark Conservancy’s  latest “Tourist in Your Own Town” video. Who knew high school could be interesting…