An Unfortunate Hiatus

Man Waving from Empire State Building Construction Site

A wave from the  Empire State Building construction site. June 10, 1930.

Followers, occasional readers, and the rest of you, I’m sorry to report I’m forced to take a break for blogging. Outside demands are going to keep up to my eyeballs for the next several months. But don’t worry I’ll still be exploring the city, gathering tons of info for my return.

Thanks for all the support and comments. I’ve loved having an excuse to ramble on about the wonders of this town.

Until another day,



Speaking of Shorpy’s…

I just posted — one of my favorite vintage photo sites — on my links page and look at that they’ve posted a great shot from old time New York.

New York circa 1908. “Piers along South Street.” Detailed panorama made of three 8×10 glass negatives. Detroit Publishing Company. (Click for full size)

I was down at the South Street Seaport this Summer for a few birthday party’s at the Beekman Beer garden…And last Winter for Santacon (a whole other story).  Despite the skyscrapers just a few blocks away and mobs of tourists (and thousands of Santas) the buildings lining the Seaport maintain an essence of the old world. It’s not difficult to transport back to 1908 with a little imagination.

Visible in shot is the Munson Steamship Line dock, an American steamship company operating freight and passenger service (but not until 1915) between the U.S., Caribbean and South America. And if you look closely, you can see cranes constructing the Manhattan Bridge. The Bridge wouldn’t be completed until 1912, but the towers look well on their way in this shot.

Take a look at some more New York photos from Shorpy.