If Found Please Return to the Netherlands

I know, I know the Netherlands isn’t New York (although I could make the argument that New York’s Dutch roots make this relevant), but this is big news so I’m leaving the boroughs.

Seven masterpieces from Picasso, Matisse, Monet and others were stolen from the Kunsthal in the Netherlands on Tuesday at 3am local time.  The pieces were part of the Avant-Gardes exhibition celebrating the museum’s 20th anniversary.

“It’s every museum director’s worst nightmare,” said Kunsthal director Emily Ansenk.

At auction the pieces would be worth “hundreds of millions of euros” according to The Art Loss Register’s Chris Marinello. Clearly, a legitimate auction isn’t an option. The thieves may hold the items for ransom to the owners, the museum or insurers. And sadly the black market is always an option.

Only time will tell the fate of these pieces…

Missing Masterpieces