Happy Halloween New York!

Almost everything this time of year jumps on the Halloween bandwagon. And I’m completely okay with it.Pumpkin Beer. Happy Halloween New York

ABC Family’s 13 Days of Halloween. There.

Modern Family’s Halloween special. Loved it.

Hocus Pocus running on a loop in my apartment. Proudly, yes.

Pumpkin lattes, pies, beer, nail polish, perfume, ravolis. Whatever it is, I want it.


So I happy to see one of my favorite NY History bloggers have embraced the holiday.

Greg Young, one half of the Bowery Boys (the best New York history blog, in my opinion) penned a post for the Huffington Post featuring the top 8 most haunted houses in New York. And he’s not talking about ‘cleverly’ named tourist traps who’s ads plaster the subway (Time Scare Haunted House, come on. Do better). Young gives a virtual tour of the city’s creepiest addresses. A tour that would be well worth doing yourself…if you dare.

The Bowery Boys also record an annual Halloween podcast (six of them now) featuring eerie  true stories from New York’s history.

Lock your doors, curl up with your pumpkin latte and enjoy!