Agoraphobes rejoice. You don’t need to brave the mean streets to learn about New York’s history and culture. Check out a few of my favorite links for photos, commentary and inside tips on the Big Apple, Art and History.

And for those who don’t mind the leaving your desk, I hope these inspire to get out there and see for yourself.

Please share your favorites, as well.

The Helibrunn Timeline of Art History
The Met’s extensive online info-center allows you explore the art world based on geography, time period, style, theme or subject. It offers thematic essays, timelines, maps and so many more resources from the Met’s collection. An invaluable resource, for sure.

The Bowery Boys
The site that inspired me to do this. Frequent posts and podcasts on New York City history. Follow them on Twitter for more commentary and real-time NY fun facts along with every Mad Men episode. #NotSoGuiltyPleasure

New York City Municipal Archives Online Gallery
Just this year, New York’s department of records created an online gallery with 870,000 shots from their collection. Prepare to lose track of time…

Another online warehouse of classic photos. Admittedly, extends past New York, but worth a look nonetheless.

Humans of New York
If you’ve never seen the photo project Humans of New York you’re missing out. The ‘photographic census’ of New York began in 2010 when a photographer cataloging all the characters on the streets of New York. Inspire, amusing and sometimes alarming. Just like New York.


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