A ‘Teenage’ Night at the Tribeca Film Festival

“Teenage” – The Tribeca Film Festival

I stumbled across the film ‘Teenage’ by Matt Wolf on Buzzfeed of all places…sandwiched between ‘27 Ways to Eat a Peep’ and ‘19 Kitty Cat Gifs with Attitude.’  Based on Jon Savage’s book Teenage: The Creation of Youth 1845–1945the documentary tells the pre-history of the ‘teenager’…before Elvis and Bandstand and the 1950s definition of adolescence.

Intrigued by most historical docs — especially those that allow me to better understand my Grandparents’ generation — I braved the unseasonable weather to wait in line for rush tickets.

Told entirely in quotes and narrative, the documentary takes on a captivating, lyrical tone as it weaves the stories of four young people carving out their definition of the gray between child and adult.

“Teenage gives voice to young people from the first half of the 20th century in America, England, and Germany—from party-crazed Flappers and hip Swing Kids to zealous Nazi Youth and frenzied Sub-Debs.”  -Matt Wolf

Through their stories, the viewer explores the broader cultural struggle to develop what Wolf calls ‘a new idea of youth.’

The film is playing at 12:45pm on Saturday, April 27th at Clearview Cinemas Chelsea 8, but again only rush tickets are available.  I recommend showing up by 11:45am for your best chance to win tickets. ‘Teenage’ is well worth the wait.



An Unfortunate Hiatus

Man Waving from Empire State Building Construction Site

A wave from the  Empire State Building construction site. June 10, 1930.

Followers, occasional readers, and the rest of you, I’m sorry to report I’m forced to take a break for blogging. Outside demands are going to keep up to my eyeballs for the next several months. But don’t worry I’ll still be exploring the city, gathering tons of info for my return.

Thanks for all the support and comments. I’ve loved having an excuse to ramble on about the wonders of this town.

Until another day,


‘On the Bowery’ at Film Forum This Friday, Saturday

At a museum this weekend, a few friends and I happened to overhear a volunteer mention the film On the Bowery would be showing at Film Forum in the next few weeks.

Direct quote, “It was one of the most fascinating documentaries about New York City life I’ve ever seen.”


Just so happens, the film is playing as a double feature this Friday and Saturday (Jan. 11 & 12) with Connections, another film focusing on life on skid row in mid-century New York.

Looking forward to black and white Friday afternoon.

Okay, okay we were flat out eavesdropping, but this gentleman had some very interesting things to say. Anyway, thanks for the tip informative stranger.

The Film Forum
209 Houston Street
Tickets: $12.50
Showtimes & More Info

Happy Halloween New York!

Almost everything this time of year jumps on the Halloween bandwagon. And I’m completely okay with it.Pumpkin Beer. Happy Halloween New York

ABC Family’s 13 Days of Halloween. There.

Modern Family’s Halloween special. Loved it.

Hocus Pocus running on a loop in my apartment. Proudly, yes.

Pumpkin lattes, pies, beer, nail polish, perfume, ravolis. Whatever it is, I want it.


So I happy to see one of my favorite NY History bloggers have embraced the holiday.

Greg Young, one half of the Bowery Boys (the best New York history blog, in my opinion) penned a post for the Huffington Post featuring the top 8 most haunted houses in New York. And he’s not talking about ‘cleverly’ named tourist traps who’s ads plaster the subway (Time Scare Haunted House, come on. Do better). Young gives a virtual tour of the city’s creepiest addresses. A tour that would be well worth doing yourself…if you dare.

The Bowery Boys also record an annual Halloween podcast (six of them now) featuring eerie  true stories from New York’s history.

Lock your doors, curl up with your pumpkin latte and enjoy!

If Found Please Return to the Netherlands

I know, I know the Netherlands isn’t New York (although I could make the argument that New York’s Dutch roots make this relevant), but this is big news so I’m leaving the boroughs.

Seven masterpieces from Picasso, Matisse, Monet and others were stolen from the Kunsthal in the Netherlands on Tuesday at 3am local time.  The pieces were part of the Avant-Gardes exhibition celebrating the museum’s 20th anniversary.

“It’s every museum director’s worst nightmare,” said Kunsthal director Emily Ansenk.

At auction the pieces would be worth “hundreds of millions of euros” according to The Art Loss Register’s Chris Marinello. Clearly, a legitimate auction isn’t an option. The thieves may hold the items for ransom to the owners, the museum or insurers. And sadly the black market is always an option.

Only time will tell the fate of these pieces…

Missing Masterpieces