Up Next: The Hudson River School

I’ve taken the Amtrak between Albany and New York a few times a year since I was a kid, always sure to sit on the West side of the train to catch the view of the Hudson and the Catskills speeding by. So the New-York Historical Society’s exhibit of the Hudson River School appealed to my nostalgic side and jumped to the top of my schedule. The group of 19th century painters featured captured the some of the region’s most breathtakingly beautiful vistas.

‘Nature and the American Vision: The Hudson River School’ is the on the agenda for the weekend, so check back next week for my impression and to learn a few fun facts about the boys of the Hudson River School. Better yet subscribe (just enter your e-mail in that cute little box over there –>) and I’ll send you an e-mail when the post is ready.

An Amtrak View

My own unworthy interpretation of a Hudson River School scene. Seen from a train window along the Hudson. Shot on an iPhone. Doesn’t quite measure up, but imagine what the pros could do with a view like that.


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